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Classmates & Colleagues

Our 30+ student organizations are a vital part of life on campus. Outside of the classroom, students can find groups based on legal, political, social, and demographical interests. In addition to our student organizations, we also have three student-led journals. All of these organizations contribute to our tight-knit community by hosting regular activities, workshops, and symposia.

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When I think of a Richmond Law student, I think "this is a student that cares a lot about learning but also cares a lot about the other students here." No one wants to learn law all alone. It's more fun, it's more exciting, and it's more educational to learn law with a bunch of other people. It's also even better if those people come from all over the place, have all sorts of ideas, have all sorts of backgrounds. That makes for a rich experience.

I've been really involved with not only the organizations but just the students in general. And I've been able to link people together. And I really admire the way that our students get along, even though we have opposing views sometimes, even though we may not always agree. Sometimes it's just nice to bring everybody around the table. And I feel like, especially in my role as the Student Bar Association's Diversity and Inclusion Chair, that's been something that I've been really working on this past year after my role as the Black Law Student Association President. I took a lot of what I learned into my position in the third year.

We have a lot of nontraditional students here, and their backgrounds are varied. We have some students that have taken a lot of time off before coming to law school. We have students who are married. We have students who have children. We have students who have multiple graduate degrees that are here. And they have the ability to really bring differences and nuances into the conversations in class just because their perspectives are so different than somebody who might have came straight from undergrad.

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