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We Are UR

When you come to the University of Richmond, you’ll see just how integrated into the beautiful campus community we are. What does that mean for our law students?

  • The full resources of a top university at your fingertips
  • Free access to the Weinstein Recreation Center and the brand new, still-under-construction Well-Being Center
  • Numerous on-campus, award-winning dining options
  • Convenient parking in close proximity to the law school

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When somebody walks onto the campus of the University of Richmond, you immediately realize how beautiful this place is. Trees everywhere, the lake right in the middle, flowers blooming especially if you come in the Fall and the Spring. You're getting the full package. I actually love just taking walks around campus. It's a good de-stressor.

The University of Richmond campus is absolutely beautiful. For example, I have a meal plan so I get to go explore outside the law school a little bit, and I love eating lunch over in the Tyler Haynes hall and overlook the lake because you don't really get that experience at a lot of other schools.

There are a lot of benefits to being a part of the community here on campus like there's a wellness center, and a gym, and there's exercise classes that students can go to for free. We also have really great intramural programming and also things like mindfulness groups, social organizations, there's lots of fun opportunities to socialize with classmates and peers. And we just had a talent show, so there's just a lot of opportunity for students to find their place, and to enjoy themselves outside of the classroom.

I think it's important for law students to have a balance in their life to make sure that they're doing well in the classroom, but also able to enjoy nature and enjoy the beautiful campus that we're on.

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