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Location Matters

You’ll find the best of both worlds at Richmond Law – from our picturesque campus to the vibrant city of Richmond, home to some of the best restaurants, music, and hiking trails on the East Coast.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what everyone else is saying about RVA.

  • “America’s Next Great Restaurant-Obsessed Town”
    Bon Appetit
  • Best River Town
    Outside Magazine
  • The Underground Music City Everyone Needs to Visit

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Richmond is the perfect size city. Not too big where you're just going to get lost in the crowd, but not too small either. There are so many opportunities to engage in the community. I'm an outdoorsy person, so I can go down to the river, just have fun on the river. But also, the beach is an hour and a half one direction, and the mountains are an hour and a half the other. So I can just get outdoors, engage in Virginia as a whole, which is just such a beautiful state. I'd never seen seasons before I moved here, so I loved seeing the seasons. And there's always something to do in Richmond, it's really just a fun city to just play in.

Richmond is a great place to live because it is quite affordable, especially compared with some of the bigger cities in the US, and certainly from back home. I think that's one of its main strengths is that it does combine the best of big and small cities.

I love Richmond. And I've been a longtime Richmonder and a longtime fan of Richmond, and I've seen it become a great hub for breweries, for restaurants. The local music scene here is really on the level of any major city in the US. Also getting up to D.C. is a breeze.

So Richmond is small enough that it feels like a tight-knit community, and big enough that there's tons of stuff to do. There's a lot of history in Richmond, a lot of culture. You'll never run out of things to do. In law school, it's a really busy time, but it's really important to get away when you can, and Richmond has so many opportunities for you to do that, whether it's outdoor activities or sports, on campus and off campus.

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