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Opportunities Surround You

The city of Richmond is well equipped to support your career journey thanks to an unparalleled number of internship opportunities. Here are just a few standouts about our great capital city.

  • More courts than almost any other city in the United States
  • Home to seven Fortune 500 headquarters
  • Named one of the 20 best places to start a business by CNBC, and a Top 20 Millennial Magnet City by USA Today

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Here at the law school, we actually have more opportunities for clinical placements for our students than really most any other school around. Richmond City is not just Richmond, but the greater Richmond metropolitan area. And what that means is you have five different local governments, you have five different commonwealth attorneys' offices, county attorney offices. And so while Richmond is a fantastic business hub, it is actually exceptional because of the number of municipal governments here for students who are interested in public interest and government work.

We're within 15 minutes from a couple different county courthouses. We're within 15 minutes from the federal courthouse downtown, as well as so many law firms, so many big, medium, and small size firms.

I think the internship and externship experiences in Richmond are super unique because you have such an influx of important businesses, so you get the big companies that really make an impact and really matter, but you also get the small businesses that really are the backbone of this country.

So while you're in law school, you have the opportunity to complete a dual degree program, and one of those that U of R offers is the JD/MBA program. So while you're completing your law degree you can simultaneously be getting your master's in business. And being in Richmond I think provides even better opportunities for that, because it's such a hub for business.

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