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Our Faculty: Your Mentors

Among our faculty, you’ll find a truly unique combination: invested teachers, world-class scholars, and international opinion-shapers. You’ll be learning from some of the best legal minds in the country – including professors who have drafted constitutions for emerging democracies, testified before Congress, and argued before the Supreme Court. Those great legal minds will become your mentors and partners in learning.  

Meet our faculty.

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The faculty here are, one, very, very approachable and very easy to go to with any kinds of questions, whether it be questions about class or questions about careers. I think Professor Lain has been very helpful to me. I took her for Criminal Procedure Investigation. She's really good at highlighting the grey areas, but she just is so enthusiastic about teaching it that it made me really interested.

We recognize that law school is an enormous investment an investment of time, resources, finances. And so we really try hard to help students squeeze every bit of value that they can out of the law school experience.

Another interesting thing about the faculty is their genuine interest in connecting with the students outside of the classroom. From trivia nights, to talent shows, to coffees, to having lunch, a mentoring lunch, to teaching a class at our home or elsewhere on campus just to mix it up a little bit. You'll see the faculty interacting with the students in a professional, but personal way.

Professors here are great with being available for students. For example, I did a clinical placement, and so I wasn't here two days a week on campus. They worked well with me in terms of finding availability during that week to meet with me outside of their scheduled hours.

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