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Supporting Your Career Goals

From mock interviews to interactive workshops, our team of career development professionals is ready to help you launch your career in the legal profession. Your career advisor will work with you to explore job opportunities, suggest possible networking connections, and even review your resume and application materials. You’ll receive the individualized attention you need to make your career search a success.

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In the Career Development Office, we advise students in a variety of ways. There are our structured scheduled appointments, and there are also the drop-in questions. So we're there if a student wants to sit down and develop a strategy for their job search. We're also there if they pop in with a quick question about what they wear to an interview, how they respond to outreach from an employer.

So you're assigned an individual advisor. I can pretty much pop in and see Dean Hutchinson, who's my career advisor, at any point in the day. That accessibility is really important, especially because while we do plan things in terms of our job search, oftentimes, questions just come up spontaneously.

So we have a wonderful summer funding program. It is our Summer of Public Service Fellowship Program. And through that program, each Richmond Law student is guaranteed one summer of funding for unpaid legal work in the public sector.

A lot of the alumni I work with knew coming in that I would have that preparation, that I would have had experiences working in a law firm environment or in other legal environments. They were confident that I would have the skills I needed to come in and jump right in.

Our alums really are one of our most treasured resources. There are lots of ways that they help us. They're really instrumental in getting their employer to recruit on campus. They participate in our networking efforts, whether it is to present, to mentor our students. We rely heavily on our strong network of alumni.

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