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The Support You Need

At Richmond Law, we provide the resources and skills you need to be a healthy student – and a healthy professional. From first-year academic skills to bar prep, you will have the support you need at all points in your journey.

Here are just a few ways we support our students’ wellness journey.

  • On-site counselor available
  • Special programming for law students on debt relief, stress management, and more
  • Study breaks when you need them most – like visits from emotional therapy dogs during exams, or chair massages when you prepare for the bar exam
  • Access to the nearby Weinstein Recreation Center and the under-construction Well-Being Center

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So in addition to the advising and career support that we provide for current students, we also have an alumni advisor. So she works very, very intensely with our graduates for that first year after graduation. And in addition to that kind of one-on-one support and coaching, our job postings are available to our experienced grads as well.

We have a wonderful academic success program. And that program involves one-on-one help, as well as large group sessions covering topics that are helpful to every student. And in addition, all students have a faculty advisor who they can go to for academic help. And any professor here at the law school is open to helping any student.

I think that the school offers a lot of resources in terms of financial aid counseling, in terms of bar prep, 1L services. We have a whole staff member dedicated to helping 1L's survive exams. We have career development services, so many of library research services. But the most beneficial for me, personally, has been the trust and rapport that I built it with other students and faculty.

We support mental health and well-being in a variety of ways. We have sessions covering well being topics like nutrition, managing anxiety. We also have a counselor here who can meet with students on a one-on-one basis and who also helps us develop workshops so that students can develop the skills they need to be mentally and emotionally strong.

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