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A Strong Network

Richmond Law Spiders make up a vast network of professionals all over the country. Whether it’s working for Google Ventures, or an AmLaw200 firm, or the Supreme Court of Virginia, students and other alums are making an impact in the legal profession and the business world – and paving the way for future students to make their mark.

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While I was in law school, I found that alumni were really involved in a lot of different aspects of the law school. I met with them through the career services office, through placements I did, through internships I did, and through a lot of the competitions that they hold on campus. Alumni are very willing to come back- judge, coach, help out, give feedback.

So I've had a lot of interaction with Richmond Law alums. I think because of our size we really develop a personal connection. I've gotten lunch, coffee, informational interviews just with alumni that are involved in things that I would like to go into. And as soon as I mentioned that I'm a Richmond Law student, there's an immediate bond and a connection that forms. I really feel like the alumni are looking out for me in the sense that if there's something I'm curious about, if there's something I want to learn more about, if there's someone who I'd like to speak with, they're always ready and able to put me in touch with those people.

Even beyond the professional connections of the Richmond network is where I met some of my closest friends. We still keep in touch since we've graduated, try to hang out as often as we can. But a lot of my closest friends are Richmond alums.

A few of the ways I've given back as an alumni are by judging some moot court competitions, trial advocacy competitions. And I've also helped coach a team that went to a trial advocacy competition in DC.

It's been great to be on the other side of it, seeing the students learn, and remembering being in that position when I was in school. But it's just rewarding to give back to the next class like those who came before me gave back to my class.

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