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Students with Heart

At Richmond Law you’ll find an environment that’s here to support you. Our collegial, friendly, and uniquely collaborative environment makes law school the experience that you hope it will be.

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Law school is competitive by nature because everything is graded on a curve, so you are competing with your classmates. However, here at Richmond Law I didn't quite feel that in the classroom, especially when I found like who my friends were. I just sat next to them, and if I needed help with something they helped me out. If they needed help with something, if I miss class - sometimes I didn't even have to ask for notes, it was already in my inbox. So yeah, it is competitive. However, I think for the most part students are willing to help each other out here.

There is an emphasis on the fact that we are a community, and that you should treat others with respect. And usually you're going to find people treat each other pretty positively, even if you are going for the A in the same class.

I think it's an environment where everyone is striving to do their best, and it's individual for each person what that looks like, and what success is to one student can differ with another student. And we're here to help students reach their goals no matter what those goals look like for them. And really, it's one of those situations where a high tide raises all boats, and everyone here can be successful in their own way.

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